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Hello, my name is Philipp Posko,

my passion for tabletop and roleplaying games started in the 80s with the appearance of Dungeon&Dragons. So today I have been a roleplayer for almost 40 years and still play regularly with some of the same friends that have played my first D&D session with me.

My first contact with 3D happened in the beginning of the 90s. That was a time when 3D Studio Max and Maya represented the ultimate in 3D modelling. I used to work with 3D low poly modelling for game design in small gaming companies until 2003, when my career path left the game industry and took me into the world of bodywork. Then followed almost 2 decades of giving massages and teaching massage in my own school, always acompanied in my free time by some creative work and games of all kinds.

One day I purchased my first little resin printer and started designing and printing little models and miniatures for my games. When next my FDM printer arrived, I was finally able to think big and so the Universal Shuttle Type G became part of our gaming terrain - and my first Kickstarter campaign.

Now the circle closes in my life and I am back in the exciting world of 3D design.

This page is dedicated to sharing my ideas and projects with you.


Philipp Posko