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Greeting everyone, I'm thrilled to come back with my second Kickstarter project, a new modular ship for your gaming table or collector's display case!

Universal Carrier Vessel "The Brick"

UCV the brick

The Universal Carrier Vessel, nicknamed "The Brick", is a modular spaceship designed for tabletop, RPG and miniature games. It is compatible without scaling of the STL files with 28mm miniatures (e.g. Core Space) and 32mm miniatures (e.g. Star Wars Legion).

The Brick is optimized for printing on MDF printers and is quite impressive in size. The ship measures 39 cm in length, 28 cm at its widest point, and 13 cm in overall height.

The basic model consists of four 3x6 inch modules. You can extend it with additional 3-inch modules, giving you plenty of options to customize the ship to your requirements.

It is adjustable in size, depending on your needs and your space on the gaming table - the smallest build is 32cm and the largest is up to you.

the UCV base ship extended

With all the available stretch goals, the whole ship will be highly customizable. This will also enable you to create not only symmetrical, but also unique asymmetrical designs of your ship.

Inside, it provides a generous playing area of 12x6 inches that can be customized with rooms and modules to suit your preferences.

UCV opend and with modules disassambled

But the real fun of this ship and this Kickstarter starts with the stretch goals we can achive.

They will make the ship real interesting and fun to have.

This Kickstarter campaign is a great story of the ship's development, with chapters that are revealed as you progress. As you reach each stretch goal, you unlock new modules that make the ship bigger, more complex, and more detailed. Don't miss out on the chance to embark on this journey and watch the ship transform as you go!

some 3D printed impressions UCV left side UCV right side UCV ships tail UCV roof removed UCV interior - the reactor UCV interior - the cockpit
the pledge

The pledge consists of all the STL files for the UCV - THE BRICK, including any and all unlocked stretch goals.

To use these STL files, you will need an appropriate 3D printer. This pledge does not include any physical objects and will be delivered only in digital format.

After the campaign and completion of the necessary formalities, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to download the files. This link will be to the Myminifactory Pledge Manager.

UCV is OpenLOCK compatible

The final and definitive stretch goals will be published on Kickstarter start date, but here is a preview of what you could do with them:

stretch goals mix in
technical information

The model measures 39 cm long, 28 cm wide, and 13 cm high.

Printing this model on a Prusa MK3S+ with the standard Prusa slicer profile for PLA, a 0.4 mm nozzle, and a 0.2 mm quality resolution would take approximately 200 hours and use up to 2 kg of filament.

All parts have been carefully test-printed by me and most can be printed without supports. However, for some components, I recommend using supports to ensure the precision and level of detail is maintained. These recommendations are noted in the enclosed parts list.

Generally, I use "supports on plate only" when printing most of my parts. This method requires minimal extra material and printing time, but still yields excellent results.

Before sending files to our customers, we carefully check them for errors using Netfab. To ensure the best results, we deliver the files in the orientation we recommend for printing.

The model uses the OpenLOCK clip system, which requires no glue for assembly. These clips can be downloaded for free from www.Printablescenery.com

behind the scenes

The idea for this ship came to me during our ongoing Traveler campaign, which has been running for over four years. During this time, our group has traveled extensively across the galaxy with their merchant ship. We have made numerous modifications to the ship, from expanding the hull and installing and removing weapons, to completely overhauling it in the shipyard and repairing any damage caused by wild space battles. It has become almost like an NPC that is constantly accompanying us and maturing with the crew.

I thought it would be fitting to design a model that reflected this concept through its modularity. It would grow and thrive with the characters on the field.

We had high hopes for the Universal Carrier Vessel and I think we achieved our goals very well.

The ride through the galaxy starts on March 19, 2023…

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